Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Water Resources Engineering Research Division

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Water Resources Engineering Research Division

The Water Resources Engineering Research Division has 16 highly qualified staff comprising 6 associate professors and 8 assistant Professors. The major research areas of this division:

  • Hydraulic engineering: information system and real time simulation, water resources database development, rain water harvesting technology, water quality modeling in river, estuary, and coastal area, river dynamics and estuary morphology
  • Hydrology and groundwater engineering: integrated river basin management, rainfall run off modeling, water conservation
  • Lowland and coastal engineering: integrated sustainable development of lowland area, integrated sustainable management of coastal area.
  • Water resources management: irrigation network performance based on sustainable development, stabilization of watershed capacity indicator due to regional infrastructure development, priority water allocation and distribution modeling based on UU 7 2004 SDA, integrated and reliable flood control system.


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